An UN-Lofty Existence. The question of Feminist Cowardous

Recently, a blogger raised a rather innocent question on her blog.

“Is Men’s Rights Activism about equality for men or about inequality for everyone else?”

As an MRA (Men’s Rights Activist), I jumped at the opportunity to speak up for MRA’s & hopefully dispel any misconceptions average people might have concerning our beliefs & the movement in general which is the grassiest of grass roots movements. I was very grateful for the opportunity until I realized this was yet another feminist’s attempt at pathologizing & mischaracterizing MRA’s & what we stand for (they must really fear our message). At the start, this blogger tries to act sympathetic to MRA’s, even going so far as to claim our actions are, on the surface, “noble concepts”. Soon after however, her more sinister intentions congealed.

This blogger asserted that:

“MRAs attack legitimate issues presented by feminists, in the belief that these issues violate the rights of men. And in doing so, MRAs attack the rights of all women, not just those who identify as feminists…”

“Anti-feminist MRAs create a division between the rights of women and the rights of men: you either support men’s rights or you support women’s rights. You can’t support both, and by supporting one you are opposing the other.”

“A number of Men’s Rights Activists blatantly support misogyny in society or openly display misogyny in their groups.”

“Self-identified MRAs are contemptuous of men who they view as feminine and ridicule displays of stereotypically feminine behavior by men…”

“Male Rights Activists are involved with a number of groups outside of their central movement. Some of these allies are in direct opposition to the rights of certain groups of people, such as PUA, a male seduction community whose techniques are based in manipulation, and white supremacist groups mired in racism and anti-Semitism. … how can MRAs claim to be for equality while choosing these allies?”

She then ends her blog with:

“…it isn’t clear what MRAs are truly concerned with.”

Okay, so you would think she would welcome an MRA’s perspective & allow them the opportunity to clarify this for her & anyone who happens upon her article. However, as I began answering to these claims (which she gave absolutely no examples to prove), it became blatantly apparent this question was not raised with the intent of seeking the truth & educating people, but rather to nurture HER misconceptions & erroneous assumptions about MRA’s. Those being that MRA’s are “hateful, racist, & sexists allies” to supremacist groups & ideologies. Perhaps this serial dissenter wasn’t expecting an actual MRA to find his or her way over to her blog, especially one like me who was all too willing to register & comment to each & every one of her lies. Regardless, it didn’t take long before I was blocked from further commenting without warning & without reason. Truth be told, if I had the power to change any of that, I wouldn’t. It is her blog & she has a right to say whatever she wants & silence anybody saying things she doesn’t like. Likewise, I have a right to do the same thing. So here we are. I have started up this blog to set the record straight about what MRA’s are & are not. Starting with our enemies first claim.

“MRAs attack legitimate issues presented by feminists.”

Since she gave no example, I’ll throw one out there which is of immense concern for MRAs: rape. The reason MRAs are deeply concerned about the topic of rape is because of the amounts of rape misinformation feminists saturate our society with. The overwhelming majority of the time, the so called “statistics” on rape (such as “1 in 4 women…”) are absolutely nothing but factoids from nowhere which gain credibility through repetition. People learn to believe them because they read & hear them EVERYWHERE. Its the proven power of propaganda. However, only 0.002% of American men are convicted rapists. Reason being is because it takes a psychological nutcase to commit actual rape. Average men couldn’t “maintain one” during violent situations. Moreover, according to the false rape society, approximately 40-60% of rape allegations are false. That translates to a lot or innocent men’s lives ruined by accusations alone. In fact, of the 205 wrongfully convicted people exonerated by DNA evidence through the innocence project, 204 were men & most were imprisoned for rape. An accusation of rape alone can (& does) alienate you from your family, destroy your career, your reputation, & your friendships. It isn’t just these men’s lives that are ruined. Children & anybody else who loves or relies on these accused men are also profoundly impacted. Do you think feminists like this blogger care about them? Think again. Those victims don’t fit her narrative.

-“All men are rapists & that’s all they are”-Marilyn French, Author, “The Woman’s Room”.

“I claim that rape exists any time sexual intercourse occurs when it has not been initiated by the woman, out of her own genuine affection and desire.”-Robin Morgan (feminist activist, writer, poet, and editor of Sisterhood is Powerful and Ms. Magazine.)

By stirring up a rape culture & portraying all men as “potential” or “immanent” rapists, feminists can push legislation such as the recent “dear colleague” letter through the system which denies men their right to due process in all federally funded schools. Now MRAs are not sympathetic to real rapists. We want to throw the book at those sick-os as much as anybody else. The goal of MRA’s however, is to raise awareness of the false allegations which the current society refuses to even acknowledge exists, & do something about them.

“Anti-feminist MRAs create a division between the rights of women and the rights of men.”

No, we don’t. A pro-male agenda is not inherently anti-female. We have many women in the movement that would find this assertion ridiculous. Feminism isn’t the voice of all (or even the majority) of women. Nor is feminism a synonymous term for women’s rights & it never has been. According to feminists, a woman who chooses to be a stay at home mother to her family is a “traitor & a sell out to the sisterhood”. So much for women’s right to choose!

-“No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have the choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”-Simone de Beauvoir (feminist).

MRA’s are of the belief, WHO CARES! We begrudge nobody so long as they earn their own way. We consider looking after your children full time to be a noble & highly moral endeavor. If you want a career instead, thats fine too, swing for the fences!

“A number of Men’s Rights Activists blatantly support misogyny in society or openly display misogyny in their groups.”

Again. Totally false. I’ll quote this from one of the biggest names in the Men’s Rights Movement. His name is Paul Elam & he goes by the handle “thehappymisogynist”;

“Misogynist: A man who thinks women are rational, intelligent, mature human beings and expects them to act that way. I don’t hate women. Indeed I hate no one at all. But since any MRA will tell you that they get called a misogynist regularly just for speaking up for men, I decided to save my detractors the trouble. Thus the youtube handle.”

Often feminists mistake any & all critical thinking of women to be misogynistic. This is ridiculous. Men & women are equals. If you cannot EVER criticize somebody because they belong to one group of people, you dehumanize that entire group of people. Its as if feminists consider women to be children who don’t know any better. We find that quite patronizing.

“MRAs are contemptuous of men who they view as feminine…”

MRA’s have long been aware that the primary enemies of men, are other men. Mainly, men of the chivalrous variety who defer to women out of some misplaced (albeit perhaps well intentioned) perception, no….delusion of female divinity. Frankly, anybody who puts one sex on a pedestal & denigrates the other deserves to be called out for their stupidity. We call such men “manginas” because they are the 21st century’s version of “Uncle Tom’s”. These guys hinder egalitarian progress. Still need clarification?

“Male Rights Activists are allied with white supremacist groups mired in racism and anti-Semitism..”

What can I say here? This is complete & utter bull. How do you know this? Because she gave absolutely no examples outside of PUA’s (pick up artists) to prove her assertion. For the record, PUA’s aren’t even a racist, sexist or supremacist group! But, its a moot point anyways because even though a few MRA’s might be PUAs (myself excluded), the PUA…..principle? is a thing entirely on its own with no ties whatsoever to the Men’s Rights Movement or MRAs in general. Some MRAs even vehemently speak out against PUAs. Bottom line here is, this is another pretty standard attempt by a feminist to try to discredit their enemies by throwing every “ism” in the book at them & hoping one of them will stick. Now every movement has its nut cases, but even if you found a genuine racist or sexist MRA, I can tell you with complete & utter certainty that this person in no way represents the MRA belt of standard. If you’re looking for what an MRA sounds like, look no further than “”. Guys like Paul Elam, Bernard Chapin, & JTO are the most rock solid guys among us. Here again is Uncle Bern on MRAs & race:

Feminists will just have to get over this obsession with political correctness & just learn to think & respond. We men & women MRA’s are as non-violent & egalitarian as they come. (This is why we are such a threat to feminists). Feminists know that in a fair fight, they lose. They can’t meet us in debate directly which is why they try so hard to silence us or get us dismissed as “haters”. Don’t let these PC scoundrels do that, & don’t take my word for anything. Check out those sites above & look into the Men’s Right’s Movement for yourself.



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